About Us

Csarnok (1).jpgIDEAS (experience) - PLANS - EXECUTION = FOUNDRY SOLUTIONS

Thats what we offer for foundries for 25 years.

In the second half of the 90’s, when the internet and mobile industry were at their beginning, the machines which are equired to improve the foundries were purchased through spontaneous, in formal channels. Hungary was not yet a member of the European Union, so companies could “only”afford used machines from their own resources.

At this time(1997) we came up with the IDEA: to combine the demand o of Central and Eastern Europe with the supply of used equipment in Western Europe.

But for most buyers, simply buying a machine was not enough; it had to be integrated in to the existing technologies based on the implementation PLANS.

And when the customer's own team of specialists is busy with their day-to-day production tasks, help was also needed fort he EXECUTION.

Based on these, NEMETecH Engineering Office are offering solutions for the following tasks:

- Professional level of dismantling, transporting, relocating and reassembling of foundryplants

- Industrial installations

- Purchasing and sales of used machines

- Refurbishing the used foundry machines,

- Sales of new machines

- Foundry solutions (planning, execution, technological advices)

As time passed - thanks for the development -the demand for new technologies increased.

We represent two traditional German companies in Hungary

1. Since 2003,we implemented numerous projects for pneumatic sand transport, sand regeneration and coresand mixing plants with KLEIN Anlagenbau AG. We also offer spareparts and regular maintenance for the installed technologies.

2. Since 2019 we are the service agency for Oskar Frech GmbH & Co KG, which deals with the manufacturing of cold and hot chamber diecasting machines and complete casting cells.